Costa Rica Gambling Licence

Offshore company in Costa Rica with online gambling license

What is a gambling license?

What is a gambling license? Gambling license is a certificate that authorizes a company to develop business activity in online gambling sector. It is issued by a special regulated authority and includes a list of requirements that must be fulfilled by the beneficial owner of the company. Accounting, auditing, detailed description of activity and identification of beneficial owners are the main concerns when issuing gambling license.

Costa Rica and its favorable fiscal regimes offer entrepreneurs from all over the world low tax rates, lax legislation and stable political and financial situation. If you register an offshore company in Costa Rica with gambling license you have a right to develop the following online gaming activities: online casino, lottery, online gaming machine, all kinds of bets, bingo, poker rooms, and other entertainments.

Online gambling license in Costa Rica

Theoretically, in Costa Rica there is no gambling license, due to the nonexistence of gambling regulations. What companies apply for is a data processing license that allows carrying out gaming activities outside of the territory of Costa Rica. It is important to know that it is impossible to obtain this license without previously registering an offshore company in this tax haven. The new company must have a registered local address and resident representative; these additional services are already included in the package that we offer.

The only restriction that the government of Costa Rica imposes on the owners of online gambling licenses is a veto on participation of local residents. Therefore, when creating a webpage for your online business make sure you block the IP of Costa Rica.

Online gambling license in Costa Rica: Advantages

  • Tax saving: profit from income earned by a non-resident company registered in Costa Rica is not subject to tax due to favorable fiscal regimes established on its territory.
  • Stable financial and political situation.
  • Cheap registration and maintenance cost. The holder of the license has to pay fix price at the moment of company incorporation and then pay annually some relatively low fees.
  • Possibility to develop gambling activity in any country in the world, Europe and USA without any restrictions.
  • Costa Rican companies can apply for bank accounts, payment gateways, credit and debit cards anywhere in the world.
  • Option to use nominee service and, therefore, achieve maximum anonymity.
  • It is not required to present annual accounts or auditing. However, it is advisable to keep the accounts without any obligation to present it annually.

Offshore Company in Costa Rica for online gambling: Characteristics

General information
Type of Company LTD (with authorization for online gambling activities)
Type of Law Common
Shelf company availability Yes
Time it takes to set up a new company 3-4 weeks (+5 days for Apostil)
Government fees (excluding taxation) US$150
Corporate Taxation Nil
Double Taxation Treaty No
Share capital or equivalent
Standard currency Colon
Allowed currencies Any
Minimum paid up capital 1 Colon
Usual authorized capital 10,000 Colons
Minimum number 1
Local required No
Corporate Directors Permitted Yes
Publicly accessible registry records No
Location of meetings Anywhere
Minimum number 1
Shares Registered shares
Publicly accessible registry records No
Location of meetings Anywhere
Company secretary
Required secretary Yes
Local or qualified secretary No
Accounting and audits of the company
Requirements to prepare Yes, but not obligatory to present it.
Audit requirements No
Requirements to file accounts No
Publicly accessible accounts No
Requirement to file annual return No
Change in domicile permitted Yes


* Offshore company formation in Costa Rica for online gambling activity with a bank account in the name of the company without a physical presence in the country. All arrangements will be made through e-mail and / or certified mail.

in Costa Rica
  • notarized and apostilled in English and Spanish
  • for 1 year
  • for 1 year
  • for 1 year
  • for 1 year
  • 1395 euros (or the equivalent in another currency)
  • by UPS or DHL to any part of the world
  • Certified by a notary or notary public
  • Certified by a notary or notary public
  • Electricity, water, gas, telephone or bank statement
  • in English
  • Business letter of recommendation from a lawyer, accountant or tax advisor
Hi. Regarding the company in Costa Rica with data processing license , does your service include opening bank & merchant AC ? As it’s rumored that it’s difficult to open a corporate & merchant account for Costa Rican company . I do have plenty of questions that require a call, but initially wanted to check in this regard for priority .



Dear Eli,

In order to provide you with the service of company formation in Costa Rica, bank account and merchant AC we you will have to provide the following Information:

1. The website of your business with short description.

2. The nationality of shareholders of the company that will be registered.

3. Countries to which you will be selling your services and from which you will be accepting payments.

4. Average amount that will be transferred through the account on monthly basis.

All this information can be sent to us via e-mail or contact us form.

The options that we can offer you are the following: 

– We can register the company in Costa Rica with corporate and merchant accounts in Costa Rica (for Costa Rican bank account the presence of shareholders is obligatory).

– Another option is to register a Company in Costa Rica and merchant and bank account in Puerto Rico (the physical presence of the shareholders is not obligatory for this option).

In case you need any additional information or have any doubts, please visit our Contact us page and choose any convenient way for you to get in contact with our team.


Henry Crowe
Can you assist with the formation of a CR company, bank and merchant AC for a company trading as an online casino please ?
With best regards


Hello, We can assist you in forming a casino company in Costa Rica with bank account and merchant account for your company. Note hat you will not be able to carry out any operation with physical persons and companies of Costa Rica. What nationality has the last beneficiary for company of Costa Rica?


Many thanks ,
Last nationality is British Citizen.
Please contact me privately with details, requirements, costs etc
Many thanks !


I regret to inform you that we do not offer services to persons with United Kingdom Passport or tax residents. Regards


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